Bespoke Programmes

Internal impacts

Following a period of consultation, Wellness With Me can offer bespoke health and wellness programmes for organisations.

Our programmes work with the 3 E’s: Engagement, Empathy, Empowerment.

Programmes are designed to create employee engagement by initially dealing with and creating individual personal empowering Health and Wellness plans. In our practice we are aware that 1-2-1 coaching periodically has been seen to improve job satisfaction and empathy is an important way to advance employee retention and has a significant positive impact mental health.

We encourage ongoing learning and continuity through quarterly interactive workshops and chosen at desk application and /or mobile app which continues to collect and include ongoing peer feedback and check-ins which is key for successful outcomes through out the business.

Introducing focus feedback groups, creating wellness ambassadors within the teams and celebrating wellness thought leaders creates a natural environment for the message to thrive.

Engaged employees show up every day with passion, purpose, presence, and energy. This gives employees the opportunity to be creative in a safe space. Allowing them to concur with an organisation’s ethos and message.

Creating an environment where employees feel their voices are heard is extremely impactful and more likely to make individuals feel empowered to perform their best work.

These core values help strengthen the culture and environment as well as keeping organisations up to date with the latest evidence based trends through regular education.

External impacts

There is extensive research and statistics to support the impact of Health and Wellness programs in the work place.

  • 89% of workers at companies that support well-being initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work
  • 61% of employees agree that they have made healthier lifestyle choices because of their company’s wellness program
  • 70% of employers have improved their physical environments to encourage healthy behaviours

Wellness With Me looks beyond the known to try and find real solutions to real problems and ensure that the individual is considered in the heart of it all. Work life balance is no longer relevant and in our practice, we recognised this many years ago and have created strategies and solutions that go beyond the geographical confinements of the workplace. Understanding that the non work areas of the employees life need equal attention for ultimate success.

Allowing innovation in employee engagement, showing empathy and encouraging empowerment will allow employees to thrive and flourish and ultimately position partaking organisations ahead of the curve.

If you’d like find out more about our bespoke programmes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact page.

Companies we have worked with

Client testimonials

"Tayyaba is a brilliant Health Coach and she comes highly recommended. She has worked with the team at Rede monthly for a few years now and has been pivotal in supporting our employees more recently through Covid over the last year. Tayyaba is practical and realistic in her approach. She understands the pressures of the corporate world and the Private Equity space. She has build rapport with a wide range of our employees across the board and is able to flex her style to coach at all levels. Her coaching around micro changes resonates well with all employees. She has provided a niche wellbeing service to Rede and feedback has been received is that her monthly individual coaching continues to be the most valued and impactful wellness initiative which we have introduced at the firm. If you are looking to take your firm's understanding of wellbeing to the next level and to give your employees a competitive advantage to function at Peak Performance Tayyaba is the person who has the ability to 'move the needle' in this space."

Lyndy Stanway Marsh, Rede Partners

"Following a glowing recommendation from a mutual client, we invited Tayyaba to speak at a recent webinar to help our clients and candidates navigate through the uncertainty that the coronavirus situation has caused. Her pragmatic and hugely practical approach to health and wellbeing whilst on lockdown was incredibly well received and we've had numerous pieces of positive feedback from attendees. It was also a pleasure working with Tayabba to arrange the webinar, she was super proactive and I'd highly recommend working with her and will we definitely be doing so again in the future!"

Ben, MD

"I really enjoyed Tayyaba's session on WORKING FROM HOME- I am already implementing some of the advice given and I can already see it making a difference!"

Lisa, Miss Jones PA

"I see life in a very different light now. I have learnt not to assume I know how things are. I have learnt to let go and let it be. I have a new found hope for my future. I am grateful I went to Comptoir 102 and listened to Tayyaba’s talk and I am grateful that she squeezed me into her hectic schedule!"

CEO, Dubai - UAE

"I now feel that everything or anything is possible. As time has gone on the clarity over my career has been amazing"

CEO, Beirut - Lebanon

"You can not even imagine the emotional and physiological effect of our first session. I feel like before the session everything was blurred and now I can see things much more clearly. Here is one example to demonstrate the game changing effect of the first session. I got tickets to that event. I realised that joy is a key ingredient for being successful. One more time thank you very much for your support"

CEO, Tbilisi - Georgia


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