Corporate Wellness

What do we do?

My approach towards health and wellness is a three-tier process: Education, implementation and sustainability. I work with teams and individual to educate in a realistic and easily digestible bite sized chunks.

How do we do this?

This is delivered in talks carefully crafted to serve the different tier levels of the workforce as well as responding to the biggest health issues within that particular group. The Value to the group is in tailoring the talks to their greatest need and prioritising that first. In the talks I offer easy time efficient ways to alleviate these issues that you can apply on the most part straight away. I believe in bespoke strategies rather than the one size fits all.

Set by example

In my experience this process becomes most beneficial when one engages managers and leaders of the team into one to one coaching to further support them so that they may be able to give to their team from a place of mental clarity and general wellness. In this approach the implementation is topped up by quarterly talks to support the team further. Nutrition and movement coupled with and awareness of their time and mindfulness is invaluable in lowering stress levels, increasing energy, raising individual and team morale as well as inevitably bettering productivity, performance and ultimately profitability.

Cultural diversity and delivery

Through working with different leaders and teams in London, Dubai and New York I have gained a diverse and varied cultural understanding of the needs of my clients and able to very quickly pick the right tool from the box to ensure a tangible result as soon as possible. This ultimately builds trust; which allows more sustainable strategies to be put in to place. I will work with the culture and ethos of the company to ensure that my work fits with the overall strategy.

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Corporate services

Client testimonials

"Tayyaba has been working closely with the Rede team on a monthly basis over the last year. She provides monthly Health coaching to our employees and contributes to our ‘wellbeing’ slack channel. Having a Health Coach available for employees has been the single biggest ‘needle mover’ in our Wellness agenda last year. The feedback is incredible. Tayyaba’s warm and open approach is valued by all whom she has coached. We have received loads of unsolicited feedback from employees on what a difference it has made to them, implementing her suggestions of unique and tailored ‘micro changes’. Tayyaba understands the pressures and long hours of our environment. Her flexible style and ability to tailor her approach to each person gives her the ability to quickly build rapport in coaching sessions and to get deep into the core of issues in a very short amount of time. I would recommend her without hesitation to any business who wants a competitive advantage in supporting employees and enabling peak business performance."

Lyndy Stanway Marsh, Rede Partners

"Following a glowing recommendation from a mutual client, we invited Tayyaba to speak at a recent webinar to help our clients and candidates navigate through the uncertainty that the coronavirus situation has caused. Her pragmatic and hugely practical approach to health and wellbeing whilst on lockdown was incredibly well received and we've had numerous pieces of positive feedback from attendees. It was also a pleasure working with Tayabba to arrange the webinar, she was super proactive and I'd highly recommend working with her and will we definitely be doing so again in the future!"

Ben, MD

"I really enjoyed Tayyaba's session on WORKING FROM HOME- I am already implementing some of the advice given and I can already see it making a difference!"

Lisa, Miss Jones PA

"I see life in a very different light now. I have learnt not to assume I know how things are. I have learnt to let go and let it be. I have a new found hope for my future. I am grateful I went to Comptoir 102 and listened to Tayyaba’s talk and I am grateful that she squeezed me into her hectic schedule!"

CEO, Dubai - UAE

"I now feel that everything or anything is possible. As time has gone on the clarity over my career has been amazing"

CEO, Beirut - Lebanon

"You can not even imagine the emotional and physiological effect of our first session. I feel like before the session everything was blurred and now I can see things much more clearly. Here is one example to demonstrate the game changing effect of the first session. I got tickets to that event. I realised that joy is a key ingredient for being successful. One more time thank you very much for your support"

CEO, Tbilisi - Georgia


Interested in working together?

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