What is Adrenal Fatigue?

❓ Do you feel excessively tired 😕  or crave salt, get energetic in the evening, feel dizzy when you stand up, can't cope with stress or get easily sick?  😷 ❓ If you have three or more of these symptoms it's possible you may have ADRENAL FATIGUE. It is quite common and...

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Tip: Eat Clean

'Clean eating is a deceptively simple concept. ... At its simplest, clean eating is about eating whole foods, or "real" foods — those that are un- or minimally processed, refined, and handled, making them as close to their natural form as possible.' There is a very...

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Tip: Don’t Stress!

'First, stress causes many people to stress eat. ... Cortisol is a stress hormone that promotes body fat and makes it harder to lose weight, especially around the stomach. Third, when someone is stressed they generally sleep less. Less sleep, chronic fatigue causes...

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Tip: Think Protein

'Your body digests protein more slowly than fat or carbs, so you feel full longer (this is especially true when you have it for breakfast). Plus, it may also give your metabolism a bump. In a process called thermogenesis, your body uses about 10% of its calorie intake...

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Tip: Drink Water

We all pretend that we drink enough water and some days we do. But most days we don't. Consistency is key.  I do suggest swapping your Starbucks cup for a decent refillable water bottle preferably with a filter. But you don't have to spend any money if you don't want...

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The Benefits of Green Veg

💚  I suggest adding green to every meal. Green veg in a breakfast smoothie, salad as a side with any lunch and different green veg for dinner. 💚 Green vegetables what's so good about them? They are useful in reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease since they are...

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Recipe: Gluten Free Pancakes

Planning ahead for a Saturday morning really yummy family breakfast. I wash down with an oat milk latte! ☕️ This is the best gluten free and sugar free recipe I have tried (and I have tried quite a few!!! We love pancakes). Posted so you can source a couple of tricky...

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Recipe: Homemade Hummus

Eating hummus is a staple in our household and I wanted to try and make my own and it was pretty easy!!!!! Homemade hummus: 200g chickpeas (I used dry ones and soaked overnight / but you can use canned). Boil for 45mins added 3 tablespoons of oil and 2 - 3 tablespoons...

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